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Professional Pest Control In Sparta, TN

It doesn’t get much more smack-dab in the middle of Tennessee than Sparta. As the seat of White County and located deep in the countryside, the community is known for its small-town feel and friendly atmosphere. 

Even pests can be attracted to our community, though, to take advantage of our Southern hospitality and invade our homes and businesses. This is why pest control in Sparta is all about being proactive in protecting yourself from infestations. 

Instead of waiting for pests to strike before you get proper pest control, contact Axum Pest Management to learn how we can prevent them.

Residential Pest Control In Sparta

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At Axum Pest Management, we pride ourselves on our hometown feel. We’re local workers helping local homeowners with all their residential pest control needs. Whether you need fast assistance with removing pests that have already become problematic or you want to get preventive services that ensure pests don’t invade, we can help you. 

Here are the kinds of services we offer to Sparta homeowners looking to avoid pest problems: 

  • Inspection and consultation: We start with a conversation with you, going over what your needs and concerns are. Then, we check your property for signs of pests and hotpots where they are nesting or might be most active. 

  • Prevention and routine services: If you need preventive treatments or routine pest control, we use our “flush out” service to drive out pests and ward them off. We also do exterior sweeping, de-webbing, and eaves treatments. 

  • Ongoing services: Certain pests are active during certain times of the year, so to make sure your home stays protected all year long, we offer quarterly treatment plans that ensure the effectiveness of our pest protection never wanes. 

The best way to learn about how Axum Pest Management helps local homeowners is to talk to us directly. You can even speak to the owners directly, so call or visit us online today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Sparta

Local businesses usually can’t afford to shoulder the costs of a pest infestation. Pests lead to property damage that’s both ugly for customers to look at and expensive to repair if a population damages something that you rely on for your daily operations. 

This is why proactive commercial pest control is the way to go. It saves you money in the long run by making sure pests never lead to larger impacts on your property. At Axum Pest  Management, we help all kinds of local businesses avoid the long-term costs of pest problems by offering affordable and effective prevention and treatment. 

Here are some of the features of our commercial pest services: 

  • Free estimates: We can offer a free estimate of our services by going over your needs and the size of your property. 

  • Custom treatments: We don’t bundle a bunch of services into one plan just to make you pay for things you may not need. Instead, we tailor our treatment plan to your needs and your property. 

  • Money-back guarantee: We back all our services with a guarantee, so if you’re not completely satisfied, we won’t charge you for the service. 

Protect your Sparta business from pest problems the right way by turning to Axum Pest Management today.

How To Stop Ant Activity Around Your Sparta Home

Ants are incredibly common home invaders. Most are relatively harmless, though all types of ants can cause food contamination. Some species of ants can also pose larger threats to your health, like fire ants that attack people and pets with painful stings. All of them are attracted to our yards and homes. 

There are things you can do around your home to reduce your risk, like not leaving food out and making sure your trash cans aren’t accessible. But all the ant prevention tips in the world won’t guarantee that these pests never invade your home. 

For that level of protection, you need to partner with pest control professionals who can thoroughly shield your home against ants in Sparta. At Axum Pest Management, we offer perimeter treatments and exclusion services that ward off ants before they can get inside your walls. If they have already invaded your yard or interior, expert solutions are the best way to get rid of ants quickly and completely. 

Learn more about ant control in Sparta by contacting Axum Pest Management today.

I Think My Sparta Home Has Termites: What Can I Do?

Termites in Sparta are the worst-case scenario for many homeowners. They chew through wooden materials, meaning they can lead to extensive damage to our structures. As if that weren’t bad enough, termite damage can also be extremely difficult to spot until it’s widespread. 

This is why you shouldn’t try to deal with termites on your own or wait until you suspect a termite infestation before you take steps to protect your home. Instead, you should turn to professionals who can offer termite inspections and elimination services that help you avoid this serious property damage.  

The most effective termite treatments come from trained experts who know how to properly apply them and account for the entire colony. At Axum Pest Management, we inspect local homes for termites and can spot the earliest signs of an infestation, increasing your odds of avoiding the larger costs of their damage. 

Contact us today to learn more about termite control in Sparta, Tennessee, and how Axum Pest Management can get rid of house termites.

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