Why Wasp Season Isn't Over In Cookeville

wasp nest

Many people feel that wasps are one of the worst things about the summertime. And while these potentially aggressive and dangerous insects are active during the summer months, they don't necessarily go away as soon as fall gets here. 

At Axum Pest Management, our wasp exterminators have seen several Cookeville homeowners still struggle with wasps on their property in September and October. Here is a look at how you can avoid getting stung by wasps on your property this fall. 

How Long Does Stinging Insect Season Last In Tennessee?

Wasp season lasts longer in Tennessee than in other parts of the country. Wasps can thrive in warm weather. Once the temperature drops too low, these flying insects be, come extremely lethargic and unable to fly. Usually, once temperatures reach below 60°F, wasps will try to find a warm place to hide for winter. In this part of Tennessee, temperatures don't usually reach these numbers until October or November. That means that you will still likely see wasps swarming around your property for most of the fall. 

Once the temperatures are consistently cold, you are still not safe from wasps. While some wasps will hibernate during the winter, some species will overwinter in your home. If they are able to find a gap or crack in your home, they might build their nest behind the walls or in your attic. If they can find their way inside your warm home, contact a wasp removal company as soon as possible. 

Why Wasps Can See A Resurgence Of Activity In The Fall

Queen wasps spend most of the spring and summer laying eggs. By the time fall is here, many young wasps have hatched and are ready to find a new meal. Usually, in September, you will see more wasps in and out of their nests. You may also notice that the wasps are more aggressive than usual because you have more wasps fighting for the same food source. More wasps in the nest can defend their colony against any potential danger. 

An experienced wasp exterminator in Cookeville you can safely remove any wasps that are still lingering on your property in the fall. 

How To Protect Yourself From Wasps This Fall

During this time of year, many wasps are busy looking for something to eat and a safe place to live. Here are a few wasp control methods that you can try to help keep yourself and your family safe from these aggressive flying insects:

  • Keep your food and drinks covered when you are having an outdoor picnic. 
  • Don't leave any pet food or any type of food or drink outside.
  • Keep a lid on the top of your outdoor trash cans.
  • Make sure that there are no holes or tears in your home's window or door screens. 

Our wasp removal experts have often found wasps crawl inside holes and gaps in the siding and exterior walls of a home. Ensure there are no small holes or other potential entrances around your home. 

The Ultimate Solution To Stinging Insect Activity In Cookeville

Even though the sun is setting earlier, many homeowners in Cookeville still deal with stinging insects. Our experienced and highly-trained wasp exterminators at Axum Pest Management can help keep you and your home safe from these harmful insects. Give us a call today to get your free estimate.